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Anonymous asked: Hey, so I just finished reading "Hana: A Delirium story" (Please don't continue, if you haven't read it. I just felt the need to discuss this to someone.) AND OHMYGOD. As much as I don't want to believe that Hana told on Alex & Lena, it's pretty obvious that she did because no one else knew about 37 Brooks. Do you think she actually told on them?

Yes, I think she did. Like you said, I don’t want to believe it, but I know that she did. I was so shocked! I never expected her to tell anyone.

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Lauren Oliver’s Delirium Playlist! 

1. Resistance by Muse: 
This song sounds so passionate and desperate, and I think it’s one of those magical songs that sounds like it was written with my characters in mind (if only!).

2. The Outside by Taylor Swift: 
Taylor Swift always perfectly captures the feeling of isolation, of not fitting in. She nails it in this song. 

3. You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told) by The White Stripes: 
The title is perfect and the sound is great for energizing me at the start of a writing session. And seriously, Delirium could have had this as a sub-title! 

4. The Cure by Tegan and Sara: 
I love listening to Tegan and Sara and their moody—but somehow optimistic—songs. The title couldn’t be more a propos, obviously. 

5. I am a Rock by Simon and Garfunkel: 
This song is all about trying to be strong and self-sufficient—to deny the interdependence of people. I definitely think the characters in Delirium are trying to be rocks, and often not succeeding. 

6. Better by Regina Spektor: 
She asks over and over, Will you feel anything at all? Enough said. 

7. Say No to Love by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart:
I listened to it the first time just because of the title… and lo and behold! It’s also just a great song. On a side note: The cover art is fabulous and also Delirium-esque. 

8. Steer by Missy Higgins: 
This is one of those anthems that pushes you forward—a good post break-up song but also a good song for remembering you’re in control of your own destiny. 

9. Somewhere Only We Know by Keane: 
I picture this song playing during some of the quieter, more intimate scenes in Delirium. It kind of brings to mind the idea of a secret space, be it physical or just internal. 

10. Free Me by Joss Stone: 
Full disclosure: This song is often on repeat on my iPod. Great song for fighting back, pushing through, and being an individual. 

11. Most Precarious by Blues Traveler: 
Full disclosure: This song is often on repeat on my iPod. Great song for fighting back, pushing through, and being an individual. 

12. Grey by Ani DiFranco: 
Even Ani knows the power of the color grey! 

13. The Truth by James Harrison: 
James is a young musician I know from NYC. When I hear this song, I imagine him as Alex, playing a song to Lena—maybe while they’re in the Wilds! His sound is so stripped-down and also so honest. 

14. They Can’t Take All That Away from Me by George Gershwin, as sung by Frank Sinatra: 
Nothing like some old school romance—they knew how to do it back in the day. This reminds me of a song Lena’s mom would have liked. 

15. Who Am I Living For? by Katy Perry:
There’s something scary about this song. It’s so foreboding and passionate—and I love it. 

16. Poses by Rufus Wainwright: 
I think I might be in love with Mr. W. His voice is downright haunting and this is a perfect walking-around-NYC-with-my-headphones-on-and-thinking-about-the-meaning-of-life song. Trust me. 

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To the anon who messaged me about Hana:

I haven’t read it yet, but I definitely will soon. I’ll reply to your message as soon as I’m done with it. (:

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Julian Fineman
-Lauren Oliver, Pandemonium


Julian Fineman

-Lauren Oliver, Pandemonium

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Delirium Minimalist PostersJulian Fineman

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Mother's Day gift from Lauren Oliver: exclusive scene from Lena's mom's POV! 

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